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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Justin Bieber Death Threat

It seems as if the hate never stops. Teen heartthrob, boyfriend of fellow singer/actress Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber has been rumored dead many times now. Bieber is currently on his South American tour and soon will be heading to Peru to perform for his fans. However, haters in Peru want to keep him out of their country, and are threatening to kill him to keep that from happening. Kevin Aragon Otazu created a Facebook page threatening to kill the 17 year old if he performs in Peru at the National Stadium on October 17th 2011. The page is now deleted (probably due to the huge amount of reports it got), but it was up long enough for most of Justin's fans and (even crew) to see. 

Several Beliebers got together to try and stop Justin from touring in Peru, turning to Twitter and trending #BiebsStayOutOfPeru. Justin made a video announcing that he will still be going to Peru, because as many of us know, he doesn't like to let down his fans by canceling shows.

Many haters left comments, one that even says he is going to be paid to murder Justin. The hater says he wants Justin to stay out of his country and that Justin will be dead after the 17th of October. He also states that many around the world would be happy.

 I know, I know... Crazy, right? And they call Beliebers the "crazy" ones. Whoever goes to this much trouble to "get rid" of Justin Bieber is even more obsessed than an actual fan. How can someone be so cruel? My opinion on all of this... I don't even know where to start. It’s absolutely pathetic. I'm personally not a big, screaming, fainting fan, but I'm mature enough to understand that behind his fame and the screaming fans - he has a mother, a father and a family that love him as Justin, not as a superstar. Nobody is forcing you to listen to his music. He has millions of fans. He inspires many since he used to be normal just like us and then bam; he reached his dreams without intending to. Now, he has haters. Hating is a waste of time. If you don't like the kid, don't listen to his stuff. If you continuously bash on him, you're basically demonstrating that being a hater in fact means being obsessed over the person you hate? You can't hate someone you don't know.

We all have opinions. Not all of us like his music or the person he's portrayed to be through the media. But he's just 17. He makes thousands of money a night,never fails to donate to charity. That's enough for me to respect him. There's a difference between disliking him & respecting him. Disliking his music doesn't give you a right to disrespect him.

He's a 17 year old kid who has a mother and father who love him dearly. BEHIND all that hype... he's loved as a SON and a BROTHER and a BEST FRIEND -- NOT A SUPERSTAR. Imagine people sending your son or your brother death threats.

Regardless of his fame or his fortune.. He's just a kid. Don't like his music? Listen to music that you do like. Nobody is forcing you to buy his stuff or watch his movies or even search him up on Youtube or Google. But sending death threats? Wanting to kill the kid? You need more help than the fan who offered to trade her virginity for a Justin Bieber ticket.......

What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I hate JB but still he has nothing to do the haters all over the world! The person who wrote the comment is really and he or she doesn't have a heart!

Anonymous said...

I love JB and my friends dont but that dont mean they dont like me anymore. They shouldn't be saying that. I believe that Jb is super valiant. By the way he also has a sister


cooljr said...

hey sup justin my name not important i want to tell you why some of people hate you step 1 people want to kill you because or threathing you because the call you gay, die i hate you or other stuff anyway listen up important and if the haters kill you there gonna become poupalar and there name will be all over the world step 2 you know you dated selena gomez a hot chick and then you guys broke up so now peole think you broke her heart and lot's of people had a major crash on her i know i do so yaaa step 3 lot of girls have a crash on you so some boys have a crash on a girls and they want to date them but some of the girls says no i would date justin because he is way handsome than you'll ever be and some of my friends say AM GONNA KILL JUSTIN BIBER OR ANY THING OR THREATING YOU I WANT TO SAY MORE BUT GTG

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