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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Taylor Swift responds to Joe Jonas

We all know what happened between these two. Got together, fell in love, Joe breaks up with Taylor in a 27 second phone call and runs off with another woman. Taylor gets angry, upset, mad, and lets it all out in her songs. Now, it's rumored that Joe Jonas wants Taylor Back. Joe was seen at Taylor Swift's concert twice in the crowd.

Joe Jonas at Taylor Swift's concert. There's even a video.

Not a big deal. But it is when Taylor clearly expressed her anger towards him many times before. Yesterday, Taylor had an interview with Kidd Kaddrick.

  • Kidd Kaddrick: One of my best friends is Joe Jonas and we're on our way to a TV Studio. We're just shooting a breeze, and I'm like so have you talked to Camilla, blah blah, and he's like "Well, nice day." Hes like changing the subject and everything, and then I mention you and he goes "she's awesome". So, I'm just giving you a heads up.
  • Taylor: Well, that's nice!
  • Kaddrick: Yeah, so he wouldn't talk about any girl, and then I bring you up and he's like "she's awesome". So, I just thought I'd throw that in there. Let you know. Joe's all good.
  • Taylor: Aw.
  • Other DJ: Do you think Joe's awesome?
  • Kidd: What should I tell Joe in return?
  • Taylor: It's a nice day. 
Ooooh... Taylor seems like a feisty girl. I admire her for that, anyway. A guy breaks your heart, you don't go running back to him as if you're a lost puppy on the street. What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Girl Power Taylor

Anonymous said...

If Joe Jonas is still dating Demi Lovato then I think he should talk to her and tell her that he needs to follow his heart and she isn't the one and write to Taylor Swift, in rose petals, that he wants her back! That would be extra sweet!

I'm not saying he should do that but if he wanted that then thats what he should do.You don't have to agree.It's just an opinion of mine.

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